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True Teaming

Welcome to Advanced Technology Software Solutions, your number one source for all things in contemporary and cutting edge software development. We are dedicated to providing you the best software, first class technical assistance and unparalleled collaboration with a focus on dependability customer service.

Whether you are developing for large enterprises with large legacy data elements, government services with complicated business and compliance needs or targeting an application for a small tablet or mobile devices. ATSS has the proven expertise to deliver a product at the highest level.

Core Capabilities

ATS Founded by a group of experienced software developers showcasing capabilities in old fashioned solid traditional programming to cloud computing. ATS can be trusted to deliver an excellent product. ATS prides itself as having one of the most experienced and seasoned software testing and quality assurance teams in the entire subregion. We believe the reason our products have some of the lowest defects is because of this core base and it is what sets us apart from other industry players.

Our Strength

ATSS designs and develops software solutions that power both mid-sized companies and Federal & State government. We use the synergetic power of our corporate partnership to achieve our customer results. 

Software Integration

ATS is one of the few companies that also understands and appreciates the need to respect legacy systems and ensure they work within the new software frameworks while adapted the to continue serving customers in a less disruptive but more efficient way as well. New is good but improving and modernizing what you have can also be less costly and also keep your employees comfortable and more productive.